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2021 We'Moon Wall Calendar


This calendar features exquisite women's art and inspirational writing from the We’Moon planner, complete with daily moon phases and signs, notations for each pagan holiday and key astrological information and articles.

We'Moon on the Wall  is a simplified version of the datebook featuring full size reproductions of 12 vibrant works of art selected from the 150+ pieces published in the datebook.

Featuring Art and Writing by Women

Women from all over the world submit thousands of offerings of art and writing every year to We'Moon, and the wall calendar is a harvest of those treasures.

Astrology Information Included:

  • The year-at-a-glance with full and new moons noted

  • Moon phases 101

  • Planetary insights for the year

  • Astrological prediction and overview for the year

  • Chinese astrology

  • Moon signs and Moon transits

  • Influences of the different signs of the zodiac

  • Astrology signs and Symbols at a glance

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