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Peaceful Smudge Collection


Selenite, Cedar, and Palo Santo wrapped in velvet ribbon. A curated collection of a crystal and smudge to help bring you harmony, peace, and clarity. Below are descriptions for each of the components in this collection. All three components are tied together with a velvet ribbon. Use each piece individually.

☼ Selenite ☼
Selenite is a very soft crystal that absorbs negative energy and opens the pathway to good communication and divine connection. 

☼ Palo Santo ☼
Also known as Holy Wood, Palo Santo is a wonderful daily smudge. It's scent is light and earthy. Burn some Palo Santo to keep a space energetically clean and light.

☼ Cedar ☼
Cedar is the perfect smudge to bring scattered energy together and instill harmony into any space. It is also helpful for mending miscommunication.

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